Come Play in Colorado’s Largest Indoor Sandbox

Come Play in Colorado’s Largest indoor sandbox

Over 60 tons of sand in public and private sandboxes for children 7 and under.

No Reservations Required – Everyone 18+ needs their own waiver

Kids Dig will be closed easter sunday, april 9th, 2023

Sand Play

Play with other kids in a massive shared play area with over 50 tons of sand.

Private Sand Play

Reserve a private sandbox for your group, with snack area available.

Birthday Parties

Watch your kids have fun; while Kids Dig sets up your party and does the clean-up.

Relax & Watch Your Kids Have Fun

Kids Dig presents a large 40-ton sandbox for both kids and their families to come enjoy time together in- Whether you want to get in the sand and play with your child or let your little one dig away while you take a moment to yourself.  Kids Dig fosters fun for everyone. There is a wide variety of Tonka and CAT trucks in addition to shovels, pales, blocks, pipes to funnel sand through, cones, and conveyor belts. Come play in the sand today!

Kids Dig will be closed on Saturday, May 13th, 2023 for our youngest daughter’s college graduation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but appreciate your understanding and support of our small business.