General Sand Play
Kids Dig provides many Tonka® toys for kids to play with, including sand conveyors and diggers. Kids (boys & girls 7 years & under) will enjoy our 2 indoor sandboxes with over 1025 sq. ft. and over 50 tons of sand, which is themed on a quarry environment with pictures and large photo murals of earth moving equipment that gives kids a feeling of being inside their own quarry. Kids Dig also offers a Sand-Free carpeted area for infants/babies not wanting to get sandy. Adults, at no charge*, may be permitted to join in their kid's Sand Play activity, depending on the availability of space. (*2 Adults free, $3 charge for each additional adult)

Kids Dig has a Snack Room available for our kids & guests who want to bring in their favorite snacks. Still have questions? Call or visit our FAQs

Kids Dig also welcomes Group Events by Daycare and School facilities. Please call Kids Dig at 303-973-8407 for more information, pricing and scheduling an event.

Play with Our Sand Conveyors

Have Fun With Friends

Digging in the Sand

Fun in Sand-Free Play Area

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