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No question is a bad question. We are here to answer any question you have about our services! If you can’t find an answer here, please reach out to us and we will get your question answered as soon as possible. Feel free to call us at 303-973-8407 or email us at [email protected].

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Sandbox Rules
Birthday Parties
What is Kids Dig?2022-11-10T10:02:26-07:00

Kids Dig is an indoor recreational facility for kids, with a giant sandbox that contains over 40 tons of sand. Kids Dig provides the sand toys, as well as facilities to host private birthday parties and events. There are tonka trucks, shovels and pales, kid sized conveyor machines, and more to get creative in the sand with.

What type of sand do the kids play in?2022-07-23T21:02:24-06:00

Sakrete Natural Play Sand that is screened, washed, dried & bagged. More information about the sand is posted at Kids Dig and can also be viewed at .

What is the age requirement for kids to play in the sandbox?2022-07-23T21:02:38-06:00

Kids 7 years old and under can play in the sandbox.

Can kids who are not potty-trained play in the sandbox?2022-07-23T21:02:56-06:00


Can we drop off our kids to play?2022-07-23T21:03:14-06:00

Kids Dig is not a licensed daycare facility and kids must be supervised by an adult.

Are “Waivers” required; and who must fill them out?2022-11-10T10:01:07-07:00

Signed Waivers are required; and must be filled out by the attending and responsible Parent/ Guardian of the kid(s) participating in a Kids Dig activity. Everyone over 18 needs their own waiver signed- this includes if they do not have young children attending (i.e. grandparents, aunts, friends) All attending minors must be on a present adult’s waiver (even babies or infant who are not participating).


Can a Parent/ Guardian play in the sand box with their kid(s)?2022-11-10T09:21:34-07:00

Yes! Every kiddo gets two adults included in the sand play price. Additional adults are $3 each. However, due to building occupancy and Covid-19 restrictions, the management reserves the right to limit the number of Parents / Guardians, so more kids have the opportunity to play in the sand.

Can we bring our own toys?2022-07-23T21:04:05-06:00

Kids Dig provides a wide variety of toys for kids to use, there is no need to pack up your own toys, we’ve got you covered!

How does the sand stay cleaned & does it get replaced?2022-07-23T21:04:39-06:00

The sand used at Kids Dig is commercially bagged & washed play sand. Kids Dig is very careful in not allowing any foreign matters (i.e., food, drinks, candy, dirt from shoes, etc.…) from entering the sandbox; and every day the sand is inspected, groomed & watered for dust control. To date, Kids Dig’s strict controls has eliminated the need to replace the sand.

How often are the toys cleaned?2022-07-23T21:04:57-06:00

The sand box toys are continuously cleaned as sand is widely known as a type of soap that “physical” removes dirt and oils, while regular soap is generally thought of as a “chemical” removal of dirt and oils. In addition, and due to Covid-19 the toys are also disinfected on a daily basis with a diluted Clorox bleach product that is EPA & CDC approved and recommended.

What security measures does Kids Dig have in place?2022-07-23T21:05:13-06:00

To ensure the safety of our patrons, Kids Dig has employees, security alarm & cameras to properly manage & protect the facility. We also entrust that it is the responsibility of our adult patrons to oversee their kids.

Does Kids Dig provide any food or drinks?2022-07-23T21:05:26-06:00

Kids Dig is not licensed to prepare and serve food or drinks.

Can we bring snacks to Kids Dig?2022-07-23T21:05:39-06:00

Yes, snacks are welcome but must be consumed in the back Snack Room. Kids are not allowed to go in and out of the sandbox while consuming their snacks and must wash their hands before going back in the sandbox to play.

Is the sandbox handicap accessible?2022-07-23T21:05:53-06:00

Yes, however play could be limited depending on the child’s disability. To ensure there is enough space for all kids to play, Kids Dig will help find space to park wheelchairs outside of the sandbox while kids enjoy the sand!

Does Kids Dig have Wi-Fi and a sitting area for adults?2022-07-23T21:06:06-06:00

Yes! If you’d rather sit back and watch the enjoyment from the sidelines, we have a sitting area for adults and free Wi-Fi and charging stations.

Is there a sand-free area for my baby/infant to play in?2022-07-23T21:06:19-06:00

Yes. There is a separate Sand-Free Play Area that is carpeted for them to enjoy! Sand Play kids are not allowed in this area.

Knowing that Kids Dig gets quite busy at times, is there a slower time that my kids and I can enjoy?2022-11-10T09:13:34-07:00

Yes- Typically Kids Dig is slowest from 12:00-1:30 on any given day. Weather has a large effect on how busy we are at any given time- feel free to call and chat with staff about how busy it is if you have any concern.

Are my kids allowed to footwear and socks in the sandbox?2022-09-09T18:13:58-06:00

Sorry, footwear and socks are not allowed in the sandbox.

Does Kids Dig allow pets?2022-07-23T21:07:07-06:00

Kids Dig loves pets, but we want to keep the sand as clean as possible so pets are not allowed; however, service dogs may be permitted at the discretion of management.

Are there sandbox rules?2022-07-23T21:07:35-06:00

Yes. The following are the posted Sand Play Rules:

  • Kids 7 yrs. & Under
  • No Food, Drinks, Candy or Gum in Sandbox
  • Shoes & Socks are not Allowed
  • No Throwing Sand or Burying of Kids
  • No Running, Screaming or Climbing on Rocks
  • Toys & Sand Must Stay in the Sandbox
  • Only Kid Dig’s Toys are Permitted
  • Adults Parents / Guardians must watch their Kids
  • Wash Hands After Eating Food & Snacks
Does Kids Dig allow use of its facilities by Daycare and School Groups?2022-07-23T21:07:47-06:00

Yes. Kids Dig can host your Group Event. Please call us to discuss how we can collaborate and create a great experience for your group.

I see that Kids Dig is for kids 7 years old and under. If my child is under 7, can an older sibling, relative or friend also come and play with my child?2022-09-09T18:11:07-06:00

Yes, so long as our Sand Play Rules are followed. We just ask older children to be mindful of the younger ones and gentle on the equipment.

Why is Kids Dig only open to 1:30 pm?2022-09-09T18:10:09-06:00

Weekday afternoon hours are very slow at Kids Dig as many kids are taking naps and siblings are being picked up from school. As a result, it didn’t make financial sense to be open past 1:30 pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Does Kids Dig have a Sick Policy for Kids?2022-09-09T18:08:39-06:00

Yes. For the protection of everyone, Kids Dig urges sick kids or other family members/guests that are experiencing any of the following symptoms (i.e., diarrhea, fever of 100 degrees or higher, heavy cough/croup, sore throat/swollen glands, vomiting or nausea, pink-eye, unknown rash, sneezing, runny nose that is green or yellow in color); or, any other known contagious sickness, not to come to Kids Dig until you’re feeling better and are not contagious to others. In addition, the required Kids Dig “Waiver” prohibits any Parent/Guardian and their kid from utilizing the Kids Dig facility if any known contagious sickness exists.

Where can I buy pizza for my kids’ birthday party?2022-09-09T18:07:17-06:00

The following pizza parlors are conveniently located near to Kids Dig and will deliver to our location- Kids Dig suggests having pizza delivered 15 minutes before the start of food time (which is the last half hour of your party).

-Dominos: (303) 972-9792

-Garlic Knot: (303) 980-5668

-Little Caesars: (720) 981-3200

-Pizza Hut: (303) 973-1651

Can we bring our own food & drinks for a birthday party?2022-09-09T18:05:28-06:00

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own fast-food, sandwiches, drinks, party cakes and ice cream. Kids Dig will provide a refrigerator and pizza warming bag for your food. Kids Dig does not allow crockpots or portable ovens. All food and drinks must be consumed in the party room, not in the open sand play seating area.

Can we decorate Kids Dig’s private birthday room?2022-09-09T17:55:15-06:00

Yes, with some limitation. We ask that you do not hang items on the barn doors to the sand pit because it makes it difficult to close when sand time is over. We also ask that if putting anything on the walls you use our blue painter’s tape to keep from damaging the paint (no tacks or scotch tape can be used). Confetti/ glitter is not allowed to be used in the party room and pinatas are not permitted.

How big is your birthday party room?2022-09-09T18:04:34-06:00

Kids Dig’s birthday room has two full size picnic tables, a refrigerator, countertop space, and an additional bench within the party room, with an attached private sand box. The room can accommodate up to 12 children and 24 guests total (including the children).

**This is for our standard quarry party- for larger parties we host after hours parties in our bigger general play sandbox after we close. This way you and your guests can spread out throughout the facility and can have over 24 total guests if needed.

What does Kids Dig provide for a birthday party?2024-04-10T08:56:49-06:00

Kids Dig provides the birthday kiddos with a free hour of sandplay card to use in the future. Kids Dig also provides party favors (Kids Dig hard hat, and mini pullback truck) and place settings (plates, napkins, utensils & bottled water) for all kids. All you need to provide is your favorite food, drink, and dessert. Adult settings are not included in the party, so it is also a good idea to bring a stack of paper plates.

Can we celebrate our kid’s birthday at Kids Dig without reserving a party room?2022-07-23T21:10:46-06:00

No. Additionally, Birthday celebrations or gatherings with birthday food (i.e., cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream etc.) and presents are prohibited in the sand play sitting area and the Lunch /Snack Rooms.

What is the format of a Kids Dig birthday party?2022-09-09T17:49:38-06:00

Birthday parties are 1.5 hours long. The first hour is dedicated to Sand Play in your own private sand box attached to your party room. The last ½ hour is for food and birthday celebration. While children are in the sand for the first hour no food can be served. For the last half hour, we will close off the sandpit and food can then be served at that time. Once food comes out the sand pit must be closed.

Are “Waivers” required for birthday parties and who must fill them out?2022-09-09T17:11:03-06:00

Signed Waivers are required; and must be filled out by the attending and responsible Parent/ Guardian of the kid(s) participating in a Kids Dig activity. Everyone over 18 needs their own waiver signed- this includes if they do not have young children attending (i.e. grandparents, aunts, friends) All attending minors must be on a present adult’s waiver (even babies or infant who are not participating).

If my child is having a birthday party at Kids Dig can kids over 7 years old be invited and allowed to play in the sand?2022-09-09T18:13:11-06:00

Yes, so long as our Sand Play Rules are followed. We just ask older guests to be mindful of the younger children and to be gentle with the equipment.

When birthday parties are happening, is Kids Dig open to the public for general sand play?2022-07-23T21:11:40-06:00

Yes. Kids Dig is always open to the public for sand play and does not close exclusively for birthday parties.

Can a Private Sand Play Areas be used for a birthday party?2022-07-23T21:12:26-06:00

No. Birthday parties in any manner are not allowed and must be booked as a Family Quarry Birthday Party.

Why are food /snacks/drinks not permitted during the Private Sand Play with a Room activity and only allowed at the end?2022-09-09T17:04:42-06:00

Kids Dig wants to keep the sand area clean and not contaminated by any type of food or drinks that could be brought into the sand.

I have a Kids Dig Sand Play Pass, can this be used for the Private Sand Play Area?2022-07-23T21:12:53-06:00

You would get credit for the current posted price, only having to pay the difference in cost for the selected Private Group Sand Play.

What is the deposit/cancellation policy for a birthday party?2023-10-31T07:39:01-06:00

There is a $50 deposit due on the day of booking for a birthday party. The deposit will go towards the party total. If the party is cancelled 21 days or more before the party the deposit may be used as in store credit within 2 months of the day the party is cancelled. If the party is cancelled with 20 days or less to the party date/time the deposit is forfeited.


What is the deposit/cancellation policy for a private sand play booking?2022-12-12T19:51:53-07:00

There is a $25 deposit due on the day of booking for a private sand play. If the private sand play is cancelled 72 hours or more before the deposit may be used as in store credit within 2 months of the day the sandplay is cancelled. If the private sand play is cancelled less than 72 hours to the private sand play date/time the deposit is forfeited.

When will I need a final count for my birthday party?2022-12-12T19:57:41-07:00

Kids Dig will reach out asking for a guest list for your birthday party a week before your event; This guest list helps Kids Dig precheck if any attending guests have waivers done before your party so that we can get them back to your event faster on the day of. When you send the guest list it is a good idea to include anyone you think may come and a general estimate of children so that Kids Dig can set out place settings for the kiddos accordingly. Kids Dig will not check you out for your party total until after your party is over so that we have an accurate count of children/adults and don’t over charge you if anyone doesn’t make it.

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