Private Sand Access

Kids Dig now offers two Private Sand Play Areas with over 10 tons of sand in each one. These areas are for a family household / cohort situations that want to socialize in a more private setting. The 1st Private Sand Play Area includes a Lunch/ Snack Area (with 2 picnic tables) that can handle a maximum of 10 Kids / Adults. The 2nd Private Sand Play Area can handle a maximum of 8 Kids / Adults, but doesn’t have a Lunch/ Snack Area. Please note that Birthday Parties in any manner, are not allowed in these Private Sand Play Areas. Still have questions, call or visit our FAQs.

With Lunch/Snack Room

Private Sand Play without Lunch/Snack Room

Liability Waiver
Sandbox Rules
Birthday Parties
Indoor sandboxes
Sq. ft.
Tons of sand each

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